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Powerful Group Fitness Classes


    Team Training Sessions or Group Fitness Sessions give you all the benefits of single and partner, but allow them in larger groups!!!

    Kids, families, and sports teams can get fit together!

    Partner Training Sessions offer the same benefits as a single, but allow you to share the experience with a friend or loved one.  Often we find that it’s helpful for some clients to have a “buddy” to hold them accountable as well as a trainer.  Whether you train with a parent, sibling, or co-worker, partner training sessions can help you reach your goals and enjoy some company at the same time.

    Single Personal Training Sessions are one-on-one sessions with your trainer that are tailored specifically to your fitness level and goals.  No matter what your training for, be it a tough mudder, bodybuilding, dropping body fat, or just to feel better we are here to help you succeed.  Sessions may include weight training, kettlebells, TRX, bosu ball training, body weight exercises, foam rolling, stretching or any combination there of.  Come in to schedule your session today and watch your body change!

    Bring all the benefits of a Strong Shop Trainer right to you!  If travel or schedule are an issue we can bring the workout right to your house.  Pricing is subject to change based on travel time.


Strong Shop Fitness offers a variety of sessions, from beginner to experienced. All exercises can be modified to accommodate all fitness levels!

Pricing Options:

New Client 1 Month Unlimited:       
10 Pack (10 sessions):                        
3 Month Unlimited:                           
Club Membership:                                  
Club Membership in Full:                

Our Club Membership is a “12 Month Unlimited Package”
$150 ($15 per session)
$95 per month autopay
$75 per month autopay
  1. There is no 52 year old woman that can do what I can do! Thank you Strong Shop Fitness, and Josh Sato!

    Dr. Shannon Kemper

  2. He is very knowledgable and responds immediately to corrections in my form to prevent injury.  He has played an instrumental role in helping me to recover from and injury that had been nagging me for months.  He structures my workouts to benefit me and my goals.
    With a lot of sweat and hard work, I am getting the results I want!  I wold certainly recommend Josh and the team and Strong Shop Fitness to anyone!

    Gina Cross

  3. The personal training is absolutely top-notch.  You certainly get your money’s worth.  All of the trainers are highly qualified, dedicated and ensure you are getting the proper attention.
    The Shred classes start on time, are well run and allow each person to participate at their own level.  It’s a great workout and rivals any Boot Camp’s in which I have participated

    Paul Engel

  4. I’ve been training with Josh Sato for almost 5 years.  At 59, I never thought I could look and feel so good.  It’s truly my “fountain of youth”!

    Melissa Elliot

If you are looking for gyms in Lexington, KY you should check us out first. Come in today and try Central Kentucky’s most effective and fun group training sessions!

Sessions Include:
  • TRX Training
  • TRX Rip Training
  • Bosu Ball Training
  • Plyometrics/Agility
  • Bodyweight Exercises
  • Kettlebell Training
  • Battle Rope Training



All of the benefits of Shred packed into 45 minutes!  This class flies by but will have you feeling strong and dripping with sweat!
Shred is designed to burn fat with high intensity workouts that can be modified to fit clients of all ages and ability levels.


Every Shred Session is composed of 20-30 different exercises that are completed in intervals of 30 seconds with minimal rest in between.  High intensity intervals allow you to maximize your time in the gym by burning more fat than conventional methods of cardio (i.e. running, elliptical, spinning, etc.).  Therefore, you spend less time in the gym and look better!

All exercises are modifiable and can be molded to fit anyone! Ropes, TRX, TRX Rip, Medicine Balls, Kettlebells, Bosu Balls, and your body are the primary tools.  Shred Sessions are NOT designed with olympic lifts that can be dangerous when performed to failure or exhaustion.  Our workouts are designed to give you maximum results with minimal injuries to keep you in the gym working towards your goals.
Conditioning is important for athletes of all ages and ability levels.  Our youth programs are designed to give your child the edge they need to succeed on the field or court.  We teach proper form to ensure safe programs for your children.  We also incorporate agility, plyometrics, TRX, bodyweight exercises, etc. to get your young athlete performance ready!

Slam is a 30 minute class using only a medicine ball. This total body workout will keep your heart pumping while focusing on core strengthening movements! When you struggle to find an hour in your day, Slam is for you!


If you are looking to spend more time isolating a paticular muscle group, we offer classes to do just that! After this 45/60 minute class you will feel the burn and see the change!


Cougar Fit is a fun class full of women working hard to feel strong, confident, beautiful, sexy and powerful!  Each class is different and could include anything from TRX, cycling, TRX Rip, battle ropes, kettlebells, bodyweight exercises and so much more!

We offer student, law enforcement,
fire department and military discounts.